Judge Me Not

Believe it or not, as self-righteous we want to be, we are not. The more we think we are doing the right thing, we are probably harming someone or the other by doing whatever we are doing.

The thought is a borrowed one, from the show THE GOOD PLACE.

However, whatever harm we do to others, we should know one thing for sure, we have the utmost right to not be judged by others for whatever we are doing, as long as we are not permanently harming others.

But this thought got me into thinking, what if we damage others by just being plain rude to someone or by denying them their right to be themselves?

What is good and bad in that case? Where is the line? And, most importantly, WHO DECIDES?

You-er YOU Are, More The TROUBLE.

Got to say, binging on INSATIABLE made me think whether anyone can be safe being themselves. It’s why we take our deepest and darkest secrets to the grave, and have trust issues. It’s why we are afraid of being ourselves.

Of course, not everyone is a victim of consequences like Patty, but then, can we honestly say that we have never done anything wrong? And if we have, can we completely own up to it? At least to ourselves?

Is there anyone who can bravely BE HONESTLY YOU? 


If I collect all my thoughts together

It will explode

Because I don’t want to think them

They just are there

Sitting silently;

The silence that is

Before the storm.

A storm that is unwanted

And that which can destroy me.

Walking down the alleys

Of a bookstore

Browsing through the shelves of books

But not really browsing

I stand to write this

Because if I don’t

The said explosion can happen.

This is the only release

That I can have

To soothe myself;

My oxygen

Without which

I might have an attack

Of asthma;

An asthma of happiness

That I release here

To smile another day

In a world where purpose

Seems futile

And everything is a joke.

Okay, so this is one poem of sadness I write

So that I can write more about Hope.


As I go by my day,

Mini memories erupt

In my mind, throughout

Of you. Fading

As they are, still feels fresh;

As if it happened

Just today. I close my eyes

And I see you.

I feel you. I feel you

In my heart. You’re here

Standing close to me. You say

Nothing directly. But you say,

“Let’s be friends”. You don’t

Say it to my face. I sense it.

You long made

Your choice. To split.


She came like a force of nature

Ruining everything she touched;

Only to be rebuilt again

For she was the Phoenix.

She is You, and

You’re power!

You’re grace.

You’re everything;

‘Cos you’re You!

Without You,

You’re without yourself.

Malleable. Mould-able.

‘Cos you become everything else

“They say”.

You are your Voice.

Strong. Sharp.

Yet Love.

Use it. Be it.

‘Cos no one else will be.

Be the force of nature!

Ruin everything;

Do not be afraid to be born again.

Rebuild yourself.

Be Phoenix!


Inspired am I?

You would say.

Writing blank verse

Is kind of my forte.

But this one is about

To Rhyme.

Not intentionally

But without tryin’.

Okay, okay…

I tried to rhyme that last one.

Hey, but not bad huh?

Couldn’t hurt though to do a rerun.

So let’s start again.

I’m beginning to get the hang of it.

Let’s count one to ten

And see how this one goes.

One, two, three

Four, five, six

Seven, eight, nine

And Ten.

Hah! At least I know my numbers.

Oh! But this poem makes no sense.

Nonsensical. Weird. Boring.

But what if that’s where I was going?

To tell you the truth.

Nope. I started to write

To feel inspired.

Didn’t know that

To write, I first have to be transpired.

Saturday Night

The emptiness of a Saturday night

Swiping left and right

Tindering my way

To find my sway

Isn’t going to put me back to life.

What will is my will

To render myself until

I find my lost soul

From the lost hole

Within me.

Either I give

Or I forgive;

The choice isn’t mine

For I must shine

Through it all to survive.

Survive I must

Or I become dust;

“This too shall pass,”

I say to the mirror glass.

Oh! But we forget that Forever won’t last.


Fragments of our lives shared

That night

Was enough

To share with each other

Our bodies

To explore

And to discover

Ourselves in one another.

A connection was formed

That instant

When I looked into your eyes

That said more than your words

Your attitude

Your smile

Oh! That infectious smile

That infectious sly smile…

Umm, where was I?

Yes, the connection.

Words like, “I’ve never done this before”

Were repeated repeatedly

Until our kisses drowned everything else;

Mind and heart at war with each other

I kept wanting to save something for next time.

But it was the plethora of emotions

Racing through my mind

And the constant throbbing of the heart down there

That finally gave in

For once to live a little more,

Love a little more

Of myself.


I wonder if

Somebody else ever

Got to know you

The way I knew you,

The way I saw you;

Filled with regret

Not for myself,

But for you.

I wonder if

Somebody else ever

Got the sense of who you really are;

Not the face you show around

But the face you hide behind closed doors.

I wonder if

Somebody else ever

Was made to think the things

You forced me to think,

Only to be ashamed after

To call you their own.

I can’t help but wonder

How somebody else could ever

Not call you out on your mistakes;

Call you out for the monstrosity

That you are.

Something doesn’t add up though.

Your sheltered childhood

And your devious adulthood

Are poles apart.

But then perhaps,

It was never really about how you were brought up,

But how you brought yourself up.

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